Check out some useful code that I used in my research! Also check out my soccer skills!

I picked up some machine learning and web scraping in the spare time.

Here is my certificate of deep learning specialization at Coursera. This is a five courses specialization that is equivalent to a graduate level course in machine learning.

Here is an example code to extract both static and dynamic websites. I use this code to extract restaurant information (name, price range, address, rating, phone, etc.) on Yelp.

Here is an example code to extract data from Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW). With some editing, the code allows you to extract employment data based on industry code. I use this code to extract the manufacturing and retail employment share in each state.

I am on the Chinese Student Soccer Association (CSSA) team at UCSB. My position is striker. Here is a video footage of my anti-offside play.